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8 Exercises To Add To Your Routine

1) Sliding Chest Fly

A sliding chest fly is an exercise that engages the chest muscles. It is really effective and definitely worth including in the workout routine, especially because there are not so many exercises that specifically target the chest area.

Make sure to perform the exercise on the surface that is without covers or carpets.

– Kneel down and put small mats or towels under your knees

– Another two mats or towels place in front of you and lean on them with your hands

– With the elbows slightly bent, gradually spread the arms and go down with your body as low as possible

– Go back to the basic position by slowly sliding hands back together.

We recommend you to do this exercise carefully and slowly not to risk possible injuries to shoulders and chest. At beginning, try to do 6 to 8 reps, and gradually increase the count as you progress.

2) Sit – up

A sit-up is a simple, but really effective exercise. It is often perceived as targeting only the abs muscles, while actually it primarily tones up the legs, but strengthens the core as well. Here are the instructions:

  • Lie down on your back on the floor and place your feet under some heavy and fixed object (a sofa or bed will do) or ask someone to hold them firmly in a position
  • Keep your hands behind the head
  • Lift up the torso towards the knees and then back to the floor to the basic position
  • Make sure to keep your back straight all the time so to prevent yourself from getting injured

You can increase the difficulty of the exercise by twisting the torso as you lift up, so that the left elbow touches the right knee, and vice versa.

3) Alligator Walk

Alligator walk as the name suggests is a type of exercise where you perform movements similar to an alligator. It engages several muscle groups; core, shoulders, chest and legs. Follow the instructions are get ready for „a walk“.

– Place your body in a push – up position; keep your feet on tiptoes with a towel under each one

– Keep your body straight

– Begin to move using your hands and relying on your abs muscles, while keeping the rest of the body straight

– Keep up for as long as you can

Make sure that your movements are slow for maximum benefits.

4) Leg Raises

Leg raises are a great exercise to tone up and strengthen the abs and legs. If you perform them with increased speed, they will serve you as a cardio workout as well.

  • Lie down on your back on the floor and place your legs straight
  • Variation 1: Lift up both your legs at the same time as high as you can. The best would be if you could form the “L” shape with your body, but the exercise will be effective even if you lift them off the floor for 3 inches as well.
  • Variation 2: Lift up one leg at a time as high as you can like we described above, and hold it up for 5 seconds

5) Straight Leg Oblique

Oblique muscles are placed on the core sides and they are not easy to target. There are many exercises that aim for this area, but one of the most effective ones is so called the straight leg oblique. Follow these instructions:

  • Lie down on your back on the floor and keep your legs straight
  • Lift up both legs at the same time until you form „L“ letter with your body
  • From this position, rotate one leg at a time on the sides in the way that you rotate the left leg on the left side, and the right one to the right side, returning each one to the central position after finishing the movement

It is crucial to keep the legs straight all the time. If not, the core and legs muscles will not be properly engaged and the exercise will not be effective.

6) Flutter Kick

A flutter kick is an exercise aimed for toning up both abs and legs muscles. If performed with increased speed, it turns into a great cardio workout as well. Instructions:

– Lie down on your back on the floor and keep the legs straight

– Using the abs muscles, lift up your neck and shoulders off the floor up to one inch

– Hold the position and lift up one leg at a time until you make the „L“shape with your body

– Lower the leg back to the basic position, and repeat the movement with the other one

It is important to do the movements slowly at the beginning, and after your muscles strengthen, you can feel free to increase the speed.

7) Captain’s Chair

The Captain’s chair is another simple, but efficient exercise for strengthening the core and legs. To perform it, you need a firm and steady chair with armrests. Follow the steps:

– Sit down on the chair, close to the edge and place your hands on the armrests

– While inhaling slowly lift up your knees towards the chest, keeping the legs close together

– While lowering the legs back to the basic position, exhale

Use your hands to help you control your movements and keep the body steady and straight while you do the exercise.

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