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The treatment process of Invisalign

The following is some information about the process that might help you to know what to expect.

First consultation– Finding the right doctor is crucial as an Invisalign treatment is a significant financial and dental decision. Don’t rush into the treatment but try to meet with different Invisalign experts and choose one with which you are most comfortable. Your first visit or consultation session with the doctor will comprise of a discussion of your requirements and the treatment option of Invisalign will be evaluated.

Customized treatment- A digital scanning system like an iTero will be used to quickly create 3D images of your teeth. Or some dental professionals may simply take physical impressions.
After this a treatment plan will be drafted that is precise also mentioning the length of it. You may even be given a preview of your improved smile and shown how your teeth will move.

Clear aligners-Removable aligners will be made of proprietary material that are exclusive to you and almost invisible. People will hardly be able to tell the difference or notice these aligners. These aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours and should be removed before eating, brushing or flossing for the best results.

Progress- Gradually over a course of time your teeth will gently begin to align into ideal positions. You may also be asked to start wearing new aligners weekly with scheduled checkups to see the progress.

Also, here’s the cost of getting invisalign in Singapore, which may vary, so it better to look it up before starting treatment.

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