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Visiting an STI clinic

You may make an appointment to visit an STI clinic, or occasionally there is a Drop in clinic, and that means you may simply arrive with no need for a consultation.

You may feel ashamed, but there is no need – the team at these centers are accustomed to screening for several types of attacks. It is their work plus they wont decide you. They ought to do their finest to describe everything for you and allow you to feel comfortable.

You can visit a sexual health center whether you are man or woman, whatever your age, whether or not or not you’ve STI symptoms. If you should be under-16, the support continues to be private and the center wont tell your parents.

When they believe you or another young person reaches threat of damage, they may have to inform other health providers, however they can speak with you before they are doing this.

Find sexual health services in your area, including sexual health insurance and GUM clinics.

Your name and details. Not to mention at-home std testing also works.

When you visit a sexual health center, you will be expected for the name plus some contact details.

That you don’t need to provide your real name should you choosen’t wish to. Should you, it’ll be kept confidential. Your GP will not be informed about your visit without your agreement.

When you have assessments as well as the answers arenot available through your visit, the center will have to contact you later, therefore provide them with the right contact details.

The center may ask the way you wish to get your results. They could often get for you within the telephone, by text, or within an unmarked page.

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