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What are the world’s healthiest teas?

It is a well-known fact that drinking tea has numerous benefits for your health. People that drink atleast three cups of tea a day are known to be less likely to contract any kind of heart disease, they have faster metabolisms which really helps keep them in shape and tea is known to have anti-ageing properties.
If you’re looking into starting a tea drinking habit the following information on the world’s healthiest teas for you.
There is black tea which is the most common and makes up about 75 % of the global tea consumption. It’s made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant; rolled and fermented this tea has the highest caffeine content and tastes slightly bitter. It can be made with milk and sugar to reduce the bitterness. Black tea is loaded with anti-oxidants such as theaflavin and thearubigins which are linked to having lower cholesterol levels. Further research shoes that people that consume three or more cups a day can reduce their chances of a stroke by 21 percent.
The second option you have is green tea which has a flavor more delicate than black and it’s leaves are dried an heat-treated soon after they are picked. It has a lower caffeine dosage as compared to coffee or black tea. Green tea is full of an antioxidants called catechins which has a subgroup known as EGCG which may fight off everything from cancer to heart disease. Studies suggest that drinking even one cup of green tea per day can result in a ten percent fall in the risk for cardiovascular disease.

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