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Who should go to alcohol rehab?

The drug rehabs that you can trust programs are very useful for people who want to overcome the addiction of alcohol. If you are still not sure whether you or your loved one needs help for alcohol addiction then it’s necessary that you do an honest review of any signs and symptoms. For example, if you are your loved one is physically dependent on alcohol then it’s a good sign that alcohol rehab is required.

The physically dependent people often experience withdrawal associated symptoms when they do not take alcohol for long hours or for a couple of days. The alcohol abuse can also cause alcohol tolerance. This means that with the passage of time more and more alcohol is required to feel drunk.

Some other signs which indicate that a person needs alcohol rehab include the following:

  • Drinking 14 or more drinks a week (for men)
  • Drinking 7 or more drinks a week (for women)
  • Blackout drinking
  • Drinking five or more than five drinks at the same time on consecutive 5 or more days during the past 30 days
  • Facing financial issues
  • Finding excuses for drinking
  • Personal problems in relationships
  • Hiding the use of alcohol
  • Unable to quit drinking
  • legal problems due to drinking

the alcohol rehab programs are specially tailored to help alcoholics lead a decent life. The major goal is often ‘abstinence’. The individual therapists taught harm reduction techniques primarily by using various kinds of psychological treatments like group therapy, individual and family therapy.

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