Save the Peace House and the Longest Existing Peace Vigil in the U.S.

Welcome to The Peace House – The People’s Embassy 

 WE need your help NOW, more Than EVER time is running out we have a month to go  we need  300 000 Dollars to save the Peace

House. Help us Buy the Peace House, Help us continue our Work, and help us to save a Piece of History for the Future.

Our vision as the Peace House is to be a vehicle to transform individual lives and communities for those working for positive social change and a world free from oppression. We foster learning and activist excellence through the People’s Library and Research Center. Which assists and/or facilitates various individual, community, and world betterment projects. Such as Teach-Ins, Non-Violence Training’s and Direct action tactics for social change. Which is an ideal means for creative expression to break the cycle of the philosophical, political and moral doctrine of the system that was designed.

Our work as grassroots Peace house Team is :

– create educational events for Activists and our Community

– provide certain resources for activists and our community

– give free art/media classes

– work to establish and continue on our Free School Project

– strengthen efforts of other organizations

– outreach

Where Did the Idea of the Peace House come From ?

William Thomas also helped establish the Peace House in the Year 2000, along side with his Wife Ellen.

In 1981 William Thomas, started the longest running Peace Vigil in at least the United States.  The focus has always been anti-nuclear war, though it has grown over the years to include all threats and atrocities to peace everywhere.  Regardless of weather, harassment, frustration and legal issues, the vigil has gone on, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, right across from the White House,in a small little white Tent. The Peace Vigil was kept alive with the help of Conception Picciotto, who has been part of the Vigil from the very first beginning.

When did we Get involved and why ?

A Group of Community Organizers, Student Activists, Occupy Activists, Visionaries and Dreamers, moved into the Peace House to follow the steps of William Thomas’s “Wisdom and Honesty”, to keep the history alive, to prevent this historical place from being sold to those who would not be able to appreciate it, and most importantly to create something we like to see as “the People’s embassy”.

What Does the Peace House do ?

For almost a Year now, we have established a small Library and Research corner, to educate ourselves, and our activist community.

It has become a save Hub, to Rest, to meet like-minded others, and to work on projects together.

Through Regular Open Media Nights, we have presented documentaries regarding serious issues, followed by a discussion facilitated by a “guest speaker”. We helped those who asked us to help them, with their events/rallies, such as the “womens march”, “trevon martin” and “carlos slim”, in form of outreach, speaker or microphones, Bullhorns, designing fliers and posters, and or by sending out our comrades in Solidarity.

Our Artists have invested Time to teach our Community, Street Art throughout our Free Art Teach-in’s. 

Our Educational Events, such as our “kick off Event against Mass Incarceration, or the Prison Industrial Complex”, “Tuesday nights cafes for peace in the Middle east”, opened up Conversation and Understanding.

 Our Peace House, Occupy Sandy Dc Solidarity Team, has invested time and effort to establish a support Group for those injured and in pain, in New York and New Jersey.

 Love Music Hate Racism US chapter, was established in the Peace House, after being run very successfully for over 10 Years in England and Ireland.

Under the Umbrella of Love Music Hate Racism we enjoyed Nights of Poetry, Music and Storytelling, and formed a Voice for the Voiceless. Together through magical and beautiful means, we addressed issues such as Hate, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia.

We continue to work with our Divers Group of Peace House Members to full fill our mission.

 Our Sisters and Brothers from “the People’s Media Center”, are now working with the Peace House Team, by establishing Teach-in’s, and setting up their coming up “web-casting studio” in to the Peace House.

These are the reasons, only view to be mentioned by we continue to  fight to save the peace house, help us raise $300 000 dollars towards the purchase Price, your donations are Tax-deductible, to donate towards the needed $300 000 please go to our website and click the donate button ! 392147_408276842567660_2075685349_n

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