Great Labor Arts Exchange Photo Award…

One Billion Rising - Pittsburgh, PA
One Billion Rising – Pittsburgh, PA

Taylor Hall, Peace House Co-House manager and Independent Journalist, won this Years Great Labor Arts Exchange Photo Award for Professional Photography (related to Activism).

Background info:

Great Labor Arts Exchange (GLAE) is a gathering of union and community activists, rank and filers, organizers, cultural workers, artists, labor educators, and youth who use, or support the use of, songs, art, poetry, theater, skits, posters, cartoons, and film to strengthen the labor movement.  Conference on Creative Organizing (CCO) Program is a leadership-training program for union staff, organizers, activists, and rank-and-filers. Participants learn how to think outside the box and approach organizing challenges creatively from a different point of view. They will also develop new skills including how to involve others in songs, chants, skits, game shows, costume, theater, and other creative strategies. Learn to use cultural tools to combat fear, get members involved, attract media attention, integrate contemporary or “pop” culture into organizing strategies, and inject “excitement” into union and political campaigns.  Participants will:      Meet other unionists from all over the country and abroad     Network with other progressive activists and cultural workers     Exchange experiences and ideas for artistic expression;     Collaborate or engage with other artists, performers, and activists;     Share resources with organizers and artists from the Conference on Creative Organizing;     Return home rejuvenated, energized and inspired with a battery of new ideas and tools that will make your artistry more engaging and infused.

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