Phillipines Donation Drive

1398918_600484790013530_654171046_o(1)We partnered with AFYA. AFYA recovers targeted surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions from the New York healthcare, corporate and private communities in order to establish categorized inventory to support ongoing health initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean.

Why Donate?

1. We create a win/win:
Afya gets vital medical supplies to underserved populations abroad while salvaging supplies and preventing them from ending up in landfills or incinerators. We turn waste and surplus into life saving resources.

2. We listen:
Afya communicates directly with hospitals and healthcare providers abroad to address their specific infrastructural problems. No need is too small, no voice too quiet. The needs that exist are the ones we address, not the needs we create: our vision is to grant medical wishes, and our projects follow this philosophy.

3. We see the big picture:
Afya has a broad vision of community health that extends beyond hospital walls. From ground-up health care capacity building through material support, to training programs and community involvement strategies, Afya addresses healthcare needs from every angle.

4. We learn:
Afya’s programs and inventory are flexible, and grow as we do. No two partnerships, recipients, or shipments are identical, but rather reflect the reality of needs and capacities of those involved in donating and receiving.

5. We are creative:
Afya is run and supported by a network of dedicated and passionate people who understand that our goals are most effectively met by creatively integrating the capacities of all those with whom we work. We are committed to generating solutions.

6. We make an impact:
All of Afya’s recovered usable supplies are shipped to sustainable health care initiatives abroad in order to make measurable improvements in care and access for the targeted community. We aim to make tangible and lasting changes in health..

7. We are local and international:
We are a NY-based organization that partners with domestic hospitals, healthcare centers, organizations and corporations to generate an international impact in Africa and the Caribbean. The economic and environmental impact here at home fosters health care improvements overseas.

8. We understand:
We understand that, just as our recipients’ needs vary, so does the capacity of our donors. We are happy to work with our donors to create a donation plan that is mutually beneficial and meaningful.


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