World vs. Bank DC


Global day of action! Each year, the World Bank is systematically impoverishing millions through the implementation of draconian policies in order to enrich multinational corporations.

World Bank’s “Doing Business Rankings” forces countries to compete with one another in order to maintain an “ease of business” for wealthy corporations. Failure to do so results in a devaluation of currency, loss of business, and an increase of foreign debt. Under the guise of extending aid to indebted countries, the World Bank then coerces the “structural adjustment” of socioeconomic policies. Thus, forcing a competitive removal of things such as labor laws, labor unions, environmental protections, corporate taxes, and trade barriers. This jeopardizes developing countries’ capability to improve their standard of living and exacerbates inequality all over the world.

On October 10th, join arms in Washington, DC, in global solidarity against the World Bank. Meet-up at Rawlins Park at 4PM. Activities TBA.

Another world is possible.


Care to join us? 

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