Concepcion Picciotto Passing

Concepcion Picciotto passed away on January 25th, 2016. She manned the White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Vigil the longest. She stayed there through thick and thin and was dedicated to a cause that sometimes seemed to be like an unhealthy relationship.

With Connie’s death and as a handful of so many other volunteers we came to understand that the peace vigil was bigger than what some sometimes failed to see.

First and foremost we want to thank William Thomas, who started the Vigil. We believe it was because of him that many of us met through the vigil or the Peace House. William Thomas’s idea and vision of what the Peace House should be was the cornerstone in becoming what we are today.

Connie may not have been the easiest person to live or work with but the peace vigil was never about Connie and even throughout the biggest struggles we all knew that. That was the reason why we suffered through sub-zero temperatures, hurricanes and dealing with impolite people.

Sometimes we uplift humans into heroic positions and we forget the cause and the path that is supposed to lead us all to whatever it is we all seek. Connie’s health was not well for the past couple of years. Therefore, we hope she finds peace where ever she may be.

To all the privileged activists, to those sitting behind non-profit chairs this message is for you:

We believe that William Thomas used his privilege of coming across money to build up something he wanted everyone to work towards which was “peace and justice.” He wanted the Peace House to be a focal point for the community. You have failed to uphold the vision. This was never about the money, it has always been about the people. We respectfully ask you to dwell on this message and always remember that there will be a small group of “so-called” radicals working and doing the work you won’t do.

We salute those working side by side with us with almost no resources. Trying to keep alive the vision and cause that WE knew and always will remember to be bigger than us.

We salute you!

You can not vaporize us, as you can not vaporize the cause…

R.I.P Connie

The Peace House DC

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