Legendary White House Peace Vigil Removed — Then Reinstated

Concepcion Picciotto, Taylor HallWisdom and Honesty was the Motto of the anti-nuclear Peace Vigil initiator William Thomas, after Thomas passed away in 2009, the Vigil was continued by his Comrade by Conny. The Peace House volunteered at the Peace Vigil many Hours, and helped recruit new Peace Vigil Volunteers. On Thursday September 12, 2013 a travelling through Activist, and former Marine, abandoned the Peace Vigil Post, due to a PTSD attack, after signing up for a Volunteer shift. This sad incident gave the Park Police the excuse to take down the longest Peace Vigil in US history. Thanks to excessive media attention, and requests by Advocates the Park Police decided to reinstate the Peace Vigil, after 12 hours of confiscating it.

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