White House Peace Vigil ATTENTION…

For immediate Release

ATTENTION: The Peace House has provided for almost two years, volunteers for the Peace Vigil across from the White House. About a month ago a volunteer not associated with the Peace House left the vigil and the park police then took the vigil “in custody”. After this frustrating event, many have come to us offering to volunteer. We accepted the help and recruited new help with volunteers not associated with the peace house. Today at 8.30 am it was brought to the peace house management attention that the “longest peace Vigil in US History was not standing anymore. A long time Peace House Volunteer who arrived to his 8 am shift, informed the Peace House that the Peace Vigil was gone. The Volunteer who had shift prior was not associated with the Peace House. We are very sad to inform you about this upsetting event. At this time this is all the information we can provide.

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The Peace House

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