Peace House Landlord ready to evict activists

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Peace House Landlord ready to evict activists

February 19th, 2014

Effective today, The Peace House has been notified that we will face eviction if we don’t come up with $1,350 by March 15th, 2014. This has threatened and may cause the dissolution of the iconic and historic White House Anti-Nuclear Peace vigil due to the current Landlord and Tenant case with Ellen Thomas.

The Peace House has been a refuge for the many activists who feel war is immoral and nuclear war is disaster waiting to happen. However, there are no plans to use this situation as a “fundraiser.” The Peace House cannot survive with this tyrannical real estate interest hovering over us every time the owner gets dissatisfied with the money she takes in. Peace House Advisory Board Member Lt. Dan Choi remarked.

“Landlord Ellen Thomas has been an amazing credit to the Peace Movement in her day, and all we ask is that in our day, she give us the credit to keep our blessed home and head headquarters for our community work.” said Choi. The Peace House asks Mrs. Thomas to continue to keep the Peace House alive for the community, activist and the peace movement that her late husband began. Upon which the moral and ethical future of America depends.

For quite sometime one of the Peace House’s pledges was to save the Peace House for future generations and continue the historic White House Anti-Nuclear peace vigil. Community projects such as the “DC Free School” and other programs that have supported the DC community encouraged us to continue and commit to create a better world for all of us. We’re reaching out to you, because with your support we can make this happen.


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