Family & Friends of Incarcerated People – Youth Peer Group Meeting


The Peace House will be working with Family & Friends of Incarcerated People (FFOIP) with there Youth Peer Group. Touching on what The Peace House is and what programs and projects we do. As well as focusing on the importance of activism and art through brainstorming ideas that have strong feelings associated with them  such as poverty, war, child slavery, human trafficking, etc. Also discussing Ustream which is an Internet broadcasting platform that supports life-casting or other video-streaming of live events online. As well as utilizing other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The FFOIP’s youth peer group is a group of youth who live in various different communities across the Washington, DC area. The ages of the youth in the group ranges from 12 to 18 basically. The group meets regularly under the guidance of three to four adult facilitators. The topics and discussions range from “know your rights” to “Leadership” to “bullying” and more. The you are urged to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Family & Friends of Incarcerated People (FFOIP) is an organization whose primary mission is to foster community support that effectively meets the needs of today’s at-risk children and families of those incarcerated. It operates solely to promote charity, literacy, public safety, and to avoid inter-generational incarceration.

FFOIP serves DC area children of the incarcerated and at-risk youth by engaging them in social, cultural and youth development activities through our various projects, programs, and events. We believe in the concept that it takes a village to raise a child. The children are our main concern and we work hard – individually and collectively to enhance our own growth and development so that we can be inspirations to our children, families and communities.

Location: Potomac Gardens | 1229 G Street Southeast | Washington, DC 20003

March 11th and 18th, 2014

Time: 6 to 8 pm EST

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