White House Peace Vigil in Jeopardy (The Conclusion)

Barry Knight talking to USPP about the regulations
Barry Knight talking to USPP about the regulations

Update: The Peace House alongside supporters from the community waited for the arrival of the United States Park Police today at 3 pm. Several police officers including police horses arrived at the vigil, first stating that they would dismantle the peace vigil at 3 pm.

They voiced there opinion saying that “the peace vigil is getting out of hand” and that ‘it’s important for esthetic purposes to take down the brand new donated tent and replace it with Connies old umbrella and worn out tarps.

After about 20 minutes an officer informed us that they wouldn’t be taking down the peace vigil. They stated that they would be taking pictures of the inside and outside of the tent structure.

At this moment in time we’d like to thank everyone for making phone calls and standing with us against the attempted suppression of our first amendment rights.

The Peace House

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