Alpha Natural Resources Arrestee Camilo Pereira

10421522_659080494161012_819086190074870441_nStatement from Camilo Pereira:

“Extreme extraction is very close to my family’s story, and the destruction of mountains is near to my heart. My father’s hometown in Peru is right next to the largest gold mine in the world, Yanacocha. As long as I can remember, I’ve had family who worked in the mine – and against it. My grandfather taught me that according to his indigenous beliefs, each mountain has an Apu – its own spirit. I’m here today in solidarity with the people of Appalachia, to demand an end to Alpha’s mountaintop removal mining. I’m standing up for the mountains and all of the life that depends on them.”

Last Friday, Camilo and seven others disrupted business as usual for Alpha Natural Resources. Alpha is the largest mountaintop removal operator in Appalachia, and now they’re reopening surface mining on Coal River Mountain in southern West Virginia. Blasting has already begun.

Now our eight friends are in jail awaiting bail hearings. To support the campaign to save Coal River Mountain and stop MTR everywhere – and to support these brave friends – please consider donating as you are able!

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