EMERGENCY PROTEST Against the Bombing of Gaza!

10452812_10204212812950031_8255826539852340297_oGet your Signs, Bullhorns and Voices ready!

Join us as we rally in front of the White House, to raise our Voices in Solidarity against the recent bombing campaign of Gaza. Along with an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza, we demand an end to Israel’s raids, killings, beatings, and arrests in West Bank.

Since June 12th, 2014 Israel has engaged in a brutal campaign of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. Bombing Gaza and raiding West Bank towns and villages. Arresting hundreds of civilians including children across the West Bank and 1948 Palestine.

This past week we have witnessed the brutal deaths and beatings of dozens of Palestinians at the hands of both Israeli forces and Israeli settlers.

Israel also began intensifying its bombing of Gaza in the most serious flare-up in the territory since November 2012. Israel has deemed their latest attacks “Operation Protective Edge” and in ways that are horrifyingly reminiscent of the 2009 and 2012 attacks, they have called up 1,500 reservists in the Israeli military.

This is part of a wave of actions, stay tuned for more

When: July 12th, 2014

Where: The White House

Time: 1 pm


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