New Location, Same Projects!

Comrades, Friends and Family,

We have finally moved to a new location in the Brookland area of DC! (4219 12th Pl. NE, Washington, DC, 20017). We’re in the process of collecting non-perishable food items for the homeless and low income housing areas of northeast and southeast DC through our program “Working Poor DC (WPDC).” Which we started in October of 2013.

Working Poor DC, provides free food without restriction. We believe that proper nourishment is a human right. With the economic conditions in shambles many families are not able to afford the basic necessities. The recent food stamp cuts have caused a high demand in food bank supplies. By providing food to our communities in need we create an atmosphere of empowerment by respecting peoples individualistic goals and livelihoods. We must remember that poverty is the offshoot of hunger and starvation. WPDC is taking initiative by breaking bread in a safe and productive environment.

If you would like to drop off food donations please do so at the above address. If you want to schedule a drop off please contact Taylor Hall via email at

Power to the people!

The Peace House DC

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