Making Medicine and Engaging in Plant Healing

Ecotone Coop and the DC Free School present: Lesson and workday- making medicine and engaging in plant healing.
Join us for an evening of exploring our relationship to healing and explore what our ancestors saw as an integral part of self-healing – making medicine! We will have a series of mini-workshops running to allow you to come and learn about using the plants around you and discuss radical sustainability in the context of liberation. We’ll demonstrate making food from leaf and root from soap of the lambsquarter plant. We’ll show you how to identify, harvest, and make various tonics from common plantain. We’ll hold a POC only space to discuss collective healing and the suppressed healing histories of our communities. And more to come! Free samples and take home items available: BYOJ (bring your own jar!)
DISCLAIMER: This event will be done first and foremost from an anti-oppression framework. DO BRING: self- respect and respect for others, mindful listening, and your truths. This is an open and inclusive space that welcomes everyone’s participation and we especially encourage Trans people of color to attend and be centered in this learning experience.No bigotry will be tolerated, If environmental work isn’t centering those targeted by environmental injustice and colonialism why do it?
We will do our best to provide as many items to guide you all through, if you have the following things at hand and could bring them to the class it would be great and :
We have a mortar and pestle but if you have one Great! The more the better!
Have a swiss army knife? Or anything similar? Please add that to your list of useful items to bring with you.

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